How to Create Ajax Pagination using CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter has many built-in classes and plugins. Pagination class of CodeIgniter is very easy and simple to use. Also Ajax Pagination library is availanle in Codeigniter. Here i will describe how to create simple ajax pagination in Codeigniter using some simple steps.

First of all download Ajax Pagination from Codeigniter site. And put this library in “system/libraries/” folder.
Along with library you need to download prototype.js file and put this file any where on root.
Here we have a table which we use for getting records and apply pagination on its records.

CREATE TABLE `my_best_friends` (
  `f_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `f_name` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  `f_phone` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `f_email` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `f_address` int(11) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`f_id`)

Your controller:

class Paging extends Controller {
	function Paging(){
	function index()
		redirect ('paging/my_friends');
	function my_friends()
		$pdata['TotalRec'] 	= $this->FriendsModel->TotalRec();
		$pdata['perPage'] 	= $this->perPage();
		$pdata['ajax_function']	= 'get_friends_ajax';
		$subdata['paging'] 	= $this->parser->parse('paging', $pdata, TRUE);
		$subdata['all_friends'] 	= $this->FriendsModel->my_friends($this->perPage());
		$data['body_content'] 	= $this->parser->parse('friend_list', $subdata, TRUE);	
	function get_friends_ajax()
             $pdata['TotalRec'] = $this->FriendsModel->TotalRec();
             $pdata['perPage']  = $this->perPage();
	     $pdata['ajax_function'] =  'get_friends_ajax';
	     $data['paging'] =  $this->parser->parse('paging', $pdata, TRUE);
	     $data['all_friends'] = $this->FriendsModel->my_friends($this->perPage());
	function PerPage()
		return 5;

Model :

class FriendsModel extends Model
    function FriendsModel()
	function TotalRec()
	  $sql = "SELECT * FROM my_friends";
          $q = $this->db->query($sql);
          return $q->num_rows();
	function my_friends($perPage)
		$offset = $this->getOffset()
		$query ="SELECT * FROM  my_friends Order By f_id Desc LIMIT ".$offset.", ".$perPage;
		$q = $this->db->query($query);
		return $q->result();
	function getOffset()
        $page = $this->input->post('page');
        $offset = 0;
        $offset = $page;
        return $offset;

View: paging.php in application/views/ folder

$config['first_link'] 	= 'First';
$config['div'] 		= 'container'; //Div tag id
$config['base_url'] 	= base_url().'paging/'.$ajax_function;
$config['total_rows']	= $TotalRec;
$config['per_page'] 	= $PerPage;
$config['postVar'] 	= 'page';
echo $this->ajax_pagination->create_links();

View: friend_list.php in application/views/ folder

<table border="1" width="200">
<td>Friend Name</td>
<td>Friend Phone</td>
<td>Friend Address</td>
foreach($all_friends as $row)
<td>echo $row->f_name</td>
<td>echo $row->f_phone</td>
<td>echo $row->f_address</td>

Main home file: main.php in application/views/ folder
This file contains your html code and all css and js files.
I have just given main container where your data will show. you have to add html and css/js files your self.

<div id="container">
     echo @$body_content;</div>

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